An entertainment company based on strong business fundamentals, creating quality content.
  • Press Releases
  • Mission
    To establish an entertainment company based on strong business fundamentals creating quality content.
  • Vision / Goal
    • Create an expanded market for the rich Bengali and Indian Content for the domestic and the World market.
    • Create East/West hybrid products with optimized cost and maximum market.
    • Expand the offering of the business by establishing a Television channel which will clearly differentiate itself from others.
    • Bring back pride in Bengali Cinema and lead this to become the leading regional movie/music business in India.
    • Invest in selective and related ventures (like quality theaters) which ensures and makes movie going a fun and enjoyable experience for different segments of the audience.
    • Establish a business system which addresses production and direct distribution issues ensuring maximum transparency in collection.
    • Create a trustworthy business platform and incorporate quality directors into the overall system.
    • Obtain both product and market diversification to minimize risk
    • Establish an accurate MIS and make efficient changes to the business process real time.

    • Arya P. Bhattacherjee: Founder & Chairman
    • Rakesh Sachdev: Director of Board

    Arjoe Entertainment. 2006