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37th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival | July 4th - 13th 2002

4 - 13-7-20028. DAY OF FESTIVAL
... and They Dared to Dream | Swapner feriwala
India, 2002, 119min

Section: Another View
Directed by: Subrata Sen
Screenplay: Subrata Sen
Dir. of photography: Sirsha Ray
Music: Debajyoti Mishra
Art director: Indranil Ghosh
Editor: Rabiranjan Maitra
Producer: Arya Bhattacharya
Cast: Subrata Datta, Ferdous Ahmed, Nilanjana Sharma, Dipankar De, Baishakhi Marjit
Sales: Arjoe Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
Production: Arjoe Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
Indian director Subrata Sen’s second feature film is a modern-day fairy tale set against a backdrop of contemporary India, which takes up the age-old conflict between good and evil. The protagonists are Shomeo and Siddharta and their friend Turni. Since the death of her parents, Turni has lived in her grandfather’s old house. Lately the house and its operations have been taken over by a charlatan named Tantra who is masquerading as a holy man. His goal is to gain the house for himself by manipulating the residents. Tantra even has an ally – Turni’s aunt Jogini. Shomeo and Siddharta, who are versed in magic, recognize the danger and decide to warn Turni. At first Turni doesn’t believe them, but later, when she notes how the charlatan’s influence is growing, she realizes that she was mistaken. Jogini even begins forcing Turni to become “initiated.” Luckily Shomeo and Siddharta arrive in time to settle the score with Tantra and save Turni. Turni hopes to be able to start a new life with Shomeo (whom she now loves), but he’s decided to set out to find “true magic.” Siddharta stays and it seems as if he might become Turni’s better half.
: Subrata Sen (b. 1963, Calcutta) graduated in physics from Presidency College, but is a reporter by profession. He gained his first training in film from Satyajit Raj, a director who worked as an editor on the children’s magazine to which Sen contributed as a boy. Subrata Sen has also written a novel and a number of stories, a collection of which came out in English in 1998. His feature debut, The Girl, was screened at last year’s Karlovy Vary IFF, and it won India’s Srinivas National Award for best domestic debut. ...and They Dared to Dream is the director’s second feature.

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